Julia Greer Fobes: Fashion: Art & Flowers provides consultation, design, and production of all types of social events including: Weddings, Corporate Parties, and Mardi Gras Balls. Julia and her team specialize in creating a truly unique atmosphere through the use of flowers and decorations. They can also assist in rentals, lighting, draping, and other decorative installations to help you design the event you've been dreaming of. 

     They also design and produce trains, costumes, gowns, collars, jewelry, head pieces and other custom art work for pins and other monogram able products for the Royalty of the Mardi Gras organizations including the Mobile Carnival Association and The Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association. 

Make an appointment for a consultation with Julia on customizing the fashion, art or flowers for your next event!

Julia Greer Fobes: Fashion, Art & Flowers